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ID \ Club

The ID club is a new club where you can work on your story and share it with others! Consider it as a kind of (amateur) theater group for young Amsterdammers, with this difference that the participants' own stories are the foundation for a new theatre production. Below you can read how we want to proceed.


We are looking for young ‘Amsterdammers’ who enjoy working with each other for three months, listening to each other’s stories and then, coached by a director, translating them into a performance in Podium Mozaïek.


To answer some possible questions immediately:


Is experience required?

No! Everyone is welcome!


Do you have to have a story?

Yes! But we are convinced that everyone has a story, so again: everyone is welcome!


Are there no requirements at all?

Yes, we only want to work with nice and motivated people between 18 and 30 years old. But our experience shows that there are many of them. So basically everyone (in that age) is welcome!


If you still don't feel welcome, the ID club might not be your thing! Does this make you enthusiastic? Sign up!


Some practical information:



We work on Thursday evenings from 7 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.



We start on November 7



We start working in the Kolenkit Kas. Later we move to Podium Mozaiek


Global program design

• The first three weeks are working on coming up with stories and we tell more about storytelling

• You work on your own story for the next three weeks

• After that, a performance is worked on for six weeks under the direction of a director



The performance will take place in Podium Mozaiek on December 26 and 27!



The ID club will not stop in December 2019. We will continue in 2020! Participants of 2019 are very welcome to participate again. But you can also choose to only participate in one series



We ask for a little contribution of € 35, in particular to be able to buy something to eat and drink during the work sessions and rehearsals!